27 December, 2008

Rockit is resting

Hi Everyone.

Rockit is resting for a while but should be back in February.

But feel free to browse my blog http://wolfiesworld-oz.blogspot.com/
as I'll be posting there quite a bit over the month.

19 December, 2008

Billy Idol - Jingle Bell Rock

This seems unlikely...

But then I saw this:

"Have yourself a Merry little Christmas" - Twisted Sister.


18 December, 2008

More than This

Mum was great, One year she offered to get me an album, but didn't know which one's I liked... so I wrote down five albums... She bought the lot for me.

I'm missing both My parents terribly, but the memories of them were good.

A proper video of this can't be found, so we'll settle for this:


* * * Videodrome * * *

This week it's one of my favourite comedy songs ever.

I used to play this a lot on my radio show years back, and it would annoy some members of staff, oh dear, I'm such a naughty boy.

It's Mojo Nixon with "Debbie Gibson is Pregnant" [With My Two-Headed Love Child]


To a lovely Guy

One of My favourites, the end of the song cracks me up :)

Max Headroom - Merry Christmas Santa Claus.

I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

This song was said to be a fund raiser for the Oklahoma zoo who wanted a hippo of their own for Christmas, When this song by Gayla Peevy [ten at the time] soared up the charts worldwide in 1953, The zoo got it's Hippo.

However anoter story goes that in 2007, in a radio interview with Gayla.
"Peevey clarified that the song was not originally recorded as a fundraiser. Instead, a local promoter picked up on the popularity of the song and Peevey's local roots, and launched a campaign to present her with an actual hippopotamus on Christmas." (Wikipedia)

The campaign succeeded, and she was presented with an actual hippopotamus, which she donated to the city zoo.

The Hippo was named Matilda, and lived for fifty years.

The B-side of the record was equally charming, Here's Gayla Peevy again, with "Are my ear's on straight"

Have a lovely Christmas everyone!


Being nice to everyone

08 December, 2008

Australian Music

The Cockroaches - She's the One.

Australian music of the 80s.


03 December, 2008

Do Ya Wanna Play Rockit?

Every week, on a friday, I play Rockit on ABC Island in Secondlife, and I end up with a lot of scripts with a lot of interesting questions at the end of each show which will most likely just sit on my hard drive forever.

Well, I decided to do a mock-up of the real thing, and put it on my blog for non SL users to try, granted it won't be as much fun, but will still rack your brains as some of the later questions get very tough indeed.

The Music you'll be quizzed on is generally Pop and Rock from the 1950's to 1995,
Don't worry, most of the questions are based on music which is played on FM radio all the time... and I do give clues via this very blog, so perhaps dig around first and watch a few videos before playing.

I suggest you write down your answers.

Best of luck.



Hi Everyone and Welcome to the only live music gameshow on Secondlife.

My Name is Wolfie Rankin and I'm your host tonight.

Playing Rockit is very easy, First of all We'll play an Audience round where I'll ask some fairly easy music questions, and if you think you know the answer, Just shout it out and if you're right, Just walk up here and take a seat on the panel.

And when We have two teams of four players, We can begin the real game.

So, Do Ya wanna play..... Rockit?

Here We go.

1. Q- What does the "L" in ELO stand for?

2. Q- Kiss'Peter Criss wears makeup portraying which creature?

3. Q- Which Aussie group was headed by Angry Anderson?

4. Q- No sex, no fun, no wine, no women, no fun, no sin, no you, no wonder it's dark" Is a line from which song?

5. Q- What's Boy George's real last name?

6. Q- Which Swiss group had a hit with "Oh Yeah"?

7. Q- Which 70's rocker declared "I hate the music"?

8. Q- A High Energy disco hit for Sylvester was "Do ya wanna what?

* At this point there would be eight people sitting up front, two teams of four players.

And now that We have our teams, we can move onto our first round.
It's called "Local and/or General" after a song by Models.
It's a general music questions round, and a bit harder than the first set of questions.

* At this point, all correct answers are worth five points, so write down your answers and check them in the comments section later.

1. Q- Which song about mastication involved Diana Ross and Michael Jackson?

2. Q- Which suburb of Perth did Rolf Harris come from?

3. Q- Which unusual instrument, for a rock song, is heard in Midnight Oil's "Dead Heart"?

4. Q- Together, Paul Weller, Mick Talbot, Steve White and Dee C. Lee are known as who?

5. Q- Kate Ceberano covered which song by The Reels?

6. Q- Apart from "Video killed the radio star" Another of The Buggles' songs was "Plastic What?"

7. Q- Which Kiwi artist who sang with DDSmash, had a few major hits as a solo artist later.

8. Q- Which Aussie group sang backing vocals on Diana Ross's "Chain Reaction"?

9. Q- Most of the members of which band also had a "side project" called "Ecco Homo"?

10. Q- Which 70s-80s vocal group from the UK and Ireland included: Anne, Denise, Maureen, Linda and Bernadette.

The next round is rather like the "Who am I?" Questions on "Sale of the Century", I'm sure the formula will be familiar to you.


1. Born in 1949 in Melbourne, Brother of Glen, was in the same class as Olivia Newton-John, his first hit with the group he was in was in 1971 and called "Can you feel it baby. He played the lead role in the 1973 production of "Tommy". He was crowned "king of pop" by TV Week for three years from 1975 to 1977. In 1988 He released his solo album "The edge" which included "As the days go by" and "One Summer"

2. Born in 1949 in Essex, UK, He started in the band "Strings Unlimited". At 22 He was crowned "King of Moomba" in Melbourne. From 1981 to 1984 He was lead snger of The Little River Band Known as "Whispering Jack" He is...

3. Born in 1956 in Sydney, He developed an interest in art and music, He played Harmonica. His best known artwork is His Storm Clouds Over the Piazza series
Although His first name is Andy, I acquired a nickname... Greedy.
He was a member of Mental as Anything, He is...

4. He was born in 1958 in Canada, at the age of eight, She wrote ""Ugly Little Cabbage In The Garden" to annoy Her Sister.
In 1984 She appeared in the TV Show "The Kids Of Degrassi Street"
She released Her first solo and self titled album in 1989, and had three top40 hits from it, including "Love Is" and "Black Velvet".
Her Last name is Miles, She is...

5. Born in 1953 in Scotland, He moved to Australia with His family at 14 He was a member of Ringo Starr's 8th and 10th All Star Band. Best known as The lead singer of an Aussie band who's biggest hit was in 1981. His group was Men at Work, and He is...

You've just realised that your life imitates art, it's just like a well known song, it's been known to happen, only... Which song is it?

Living it:

1. Q- If your job as an office clerk is "very boring" and you're dreaming of a beach, you're living which song?

2. Q- you're complaining about the easy life of bands while working for a furniture removal company, it's...

3. Q- You're a guy who's girlfriend has had a baby, and she's saying it's yours when it's not "your son".

4. Q- Your boyfriend is a traindriver who never sleeps, he takes the train out and "home again" and finds "you waiting for him"

5. Q- You can't sleep or eat, you're pretty sure "You're in deep", you have a tight throat and can't breathe, "another kiss is all you need" then you're...

Just a few questions about instumental tracks, easy as pie.


1. Q- This song was the Theme to Beverly Hills Cop, performed by Harold Faltermeyer

2. Q- The theme to a movie about athletes training for the 1924 Olympics.

3. Q- This well known movie theme by John Williams was turned into a disco hit by Meco.

4. Q- This instrumental was first performed by Barry White's Love Unlimited orchestra in 1973.

5. Q- Although the entire soundtrack of E.T. was instrumental, one song, "Heartlight" honoured the movie, who sang it?

And now, The final round, called "Local and or General" except, this one is much harder. Whichever team has the most points after this round, wins the game, Goodluck to everyone!

1. Q- Which title is shared by a 1954 film with Danny Kaye, a song by Prefab Sprout and a disco classic by Amii Stewart?

2. Q- Jimmy Sommerville fronted two bands, name one for the points.

3. Q- Which Wilde British female artist had a hit with The Bee Gee's "If I can't have you?"

4. Q- "The arms of orion" a slow and romantic duet between Prince and Sheena Easton, was included in the soundtrack of which 1989 movie?

5. Q- Who's album was "Bonk", released in 1987?

6. Q- "Eight arms to hold you" was from which Spielberg movie?

7. Q- 80's icon Max Headroom was in fact not computer generated, but an actor wearing a rubber mask, Who was it?

8. Q- Real Life's "Send me an angel" was in the soundtrack from which mostly unsuccessful Jason Bateman movie?

9. Q- Who teamed up with Tube & Berger for their 2004 song "Straight Ahead"?

10 Q- Casual Gods was an album by who?

(Answers will be published soon)


Rockit and this document is copyright Wolfie!/PWTS 2008.
All rights reserved.

Wolfie! is Copyright PWTS 1986-2008 All rights reserved.

Fabulous Furry Animals

OK, Let's see what you know.

The music played by Yappy Fox in this video is originally from which movie? If you think it's hamsterdance, you're not right.


Ohhhh what nice flips these are!

Pop Goes The World - Men Without Hats

Most people associate Men without Hats with their biggest hit "Safety Dance", Indeed I suppose you could say they were a One hit Wonder.

But I love this song anyway, it's "Pop goes the World".