27 November, 2008

ABC - The Night You Murdered Love

I had an entirely different image in my head about what what going on in this song, and then I saw the video... hrmmmm. Oh well, It's still a great song anyway.

You know, what these video sites need is some kind of audio adjustment, which the uploader could slide and set, to get the sync right.

26 November, 2008

The Doco is almost finished!

Information on this is available here.


Tube & Berger with Chrissy Hynde.

This is "Straight Ahead"

High Energy Disco

Both of these songs were given a pounding at every school disco we had. The style is called Hi-NRG Disco. People say Disco died, in fact it just mutated into many different forms which still exists today.

Sylvesters' "Do ya wanna funk" is one of the first 12" singles I ever bought.

And this is Patrick Cowley and "Menergy"... You'll notice that the video is just a remix of the one above, it's possible there was no video for this track, ever.

21 November, 2008

Rockit - Summer Love Series

The first of five shows starts tonight at ABC Island, down near the beach at 7pm AEST or Midnight PST.

Study the links below, especially the television shows, there's all sorts of clues there... and "It's The Wolf" will be the source of all tonights Videodrome questions.

Join me then.


* Update 7pm might be too early for most of my audience, so I'll happily give-in and delay the show till later if required... afterall, it's gotta be fun for me too!

"The Tra-La-La Song" - The Banana Splits

I used to watch these as a kid, maybe you did too, Memories, eh?

The Banana Splits

The Catanooga Cats.

And from that show here's "It's the Wolf!" poor old Mildew, I hated lambsy.

This was a weird one, but fun anyway:

The Groovie Ghoulies [Who had a Wolfie of their ooooWWWwWwWnnnnnn!"]
The show was a spinoff from "The Archies", They were of course related to Sabrina, The teenage witch.


20 November, 2008

Love is the drug

Two Versions of "Love is The Drug", Firstly, The original by Roxy Music.

And the Grace Jones version from her 1980 album "Warm leatherette".


18 November, 2008

Wolfie's World Music

I thought some World Music would go down well.

Here's Deep Forest with "Sweet Lullabye"

This is Savana Dance, From their first album:

Browsing youtube I often find tracks by bands I know, but songs I haven't heard, This was lovely, so I'd like to include it here, I love the very different sounds included in what we call "World Music" it's always a real delight for the ears.

"Marta's Song" - Deep Forest

The Wonderful, The Exotic, The Beautiful Angelique Kidjo who hails from Africa,
She's an Oxfam supporter, Grammy award winner and is fluent in four languages. This is "Wombo Lombo"

John Farnham and Tom Jones

From Hey Hey it's Saturday.


I want to break free - Queen

Ahh yes, there's a question here somewhere, there has to be, right?

See you on Friday the 21st for Rockit.
[Time unconfirmed, I may go an hour earlier than usual, or late late... any ideas?]

17 November, 2008

Swedish Dancebands of the 70s

These are awful, really awful.

The poor bugger from the Teddyboys on the far right, clearly doesn't want to be there and I can't say I blame him.

Most of them look like they got their shirts at a football shop, looking at the design of them.

Or perhaps they made theit clothes themselves, like the blue outfits worn by the "ake lindh's".

The Mills remind me of Skyhooks, except their shirts somehow remind me of lost in space.


16 November, 2008

Obama Rocks the World

I find Religion a worrying and dangerous thing, even moreso when mixed with politics.
I'm not too keen on this song either, It's a fairly bland affair, However it was good to see Dave Stewart again.

Here's Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, with "American Prayer"

I like this one more though, Hardy Drew and The Nancy Boys and "There's No One as Irish as Barrack O'Bama".


12 November, 2008

Eraserhead mashup

Warning: Don't watch if you're even the least bit squeamish.
[actually this icks me right out too]


The Boogie Woogie Puppini Sisters

Although I had my 80s music which I still love, I was born rather late to my parents who listened to a lot of 40s music because they were teenagers themselves in the 40s.
It seems to me that whatever you listened to as a teenager sticks with you for the rest of your life. Anyway I ended up knowing who a lot of the 40s singers were and also the actors at the time who I can still identify much better than any actor/actress walking up a red carpet today. Stars back then had something special which I don't see today, or perhaps that just the effort to get dressed up and see a movie in a cinema was so much better than simply owning a pile of DVDs. I don't want to depress anyone though... Here's the Puppini Sisters and with the Andrews Sisters hit, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.


01 November, 2008

Paul Kelly, The Coloured Girls and The Models.

Thought I'd post some really good Oz Rock.

Here's Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls with "Darling it Hurts"

The Models Re-Modeled this phrase for their own use, and I find myself saying it this way in conversation because it really worked it's way deep into my mind and replaced the correct phrase... I'm sure I'm not alone.

Each song has a "gem" in it that makes it standout, something odd that sticks out like a sore thumb, Everyone who knows this song well knows what I'm talking about If it's new to you, I'm sure you'll notice it as you listen.

"Out of Mind, Out of Sight" - Models


The Sandman