31 October, 2008

Rock the Casbah - The Clash

I love the little animal running around in this video, any idea what it might be?
* hint hint, yeah it's a thinly disguised clue... I know it's a... a....

We can get together - Icehouse

Another great song I was reminded of thanks to the Radio, I love the howling in this.

Here's Icehouse and "We can get together".


James Reyne and Australian Crawl

I turned the radio on this morning and the first thing that came on was "Reckless" so, I thought I'd begin todays post with Aussie Crawl [which some may know is also a swimming style] and James Reyne during his solo career which went very well.

Downhearted - Australian Crawl

"You've been hanging with the mockie set peep with the hamerhead, some soup just slipped by me and the hammerhead" that's how it sounds to me anyway. Backing Vocals by a very well known Aussie, Guess who.

Hammerhead - James Reyne

House of Cards

BTW: If you're reading Rockit for Overseas and you've been playing these James Reyne videos for the first time and can't understand a word he says, don't worry, None of us Aussies could understand him either... Check this out.

Five in a row - D-Generation


30 October, 2008

When Smokey Sings - ABC

ABC's tribute to "The King of Motown" Smokey Robinson.

Rockit Trivia: This song was about Smokey Robinson's influence on the music industry. The single went to five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. For the week of October 3, 1987, it dropped to eight as Smokey Robinson's single "One Heartbeat" was peaking at ten. It's interesting that one song on the charts was tributing another artist who was on the charts at the same time, indeed it's probably never happened before or since.


When the River runs dry - Hunters and Collectors

29 October, 2008


I dislike Halloween, while fine in the US and other Northern Hemisphere countries, it's not fine for Australia. Halloween is a seasonal thing, an end to the warm season and the beginning of the cold... But here it's exactly the reverse, We're just growing our pumpkins, not harvesting.

I see any promotion of Halloween here as little more than a sneaky way for chocolate companies to flog more chocolates and lollies, and keep the dentists happy too.

And it mocks my kind, all those ugly werewolves getting around when everyone knows what total hunks we are, it's not fair, in Pauline Hanson's words, "I don't like it, I don't like it at all".

Anyway, Here's a great little song about a werewolf, one of the nasty Halloween types, nobody writes songs about big cuddly werewolves like myself, no, always the nasty kind who end up being shot at. *sigh*

I'd love to make a video of this, I reckon I'd dress up as the Mother and do all the finger waving and furrowing of brow.

There's something about wolves dressing up as women, and sheep on occasion... hrmmm.

It's The Five Man Electrical Band, and "Werewolf".


23 October, 2008

The Dog

Everyone loved "Dog" though we had no idea what his real name was, we sympathised with "Dog" via the strips in the paper and in the comics. Footrot Flats was a wonderful read. It hit the big screen later on and Dave Dobbyn with Herbs provided the wonderful music. Thanks everyone, We miss you Dog.

For you Eva.


Pressure Sway - Machinations

Some more Aussieness here.

I often wondered about the words "pressure sway" I think it's derived from "precious way". but I think another band around the same time used the phrase in their song too.

Years after machinations were gone, Mum and I were in Forges and she picked up a cheap sweatshirt/windcheater which was a Machinations tour one, and I was annoyed because the band were history and strewth, Mum... oh geeze and all that.

Anyway I shoved it away in my wardrobe, but later started to wear it, mostly because it was untouched and still nice and fluffy... sorta like me... anyway, don't tell anyone but I sometimes wear it to bed for jammies.

"Pressure Sway" - Machinations.

This was already quite an old song, then suddenly it was slapped on the "Young Einstein" Soundtrack. There's a lot of very good Aussie tracks on that Album too.

Models - "I hear Motion"

Finally Gangajang "Sounds of then" [This is Australia]

I have no idea what this song is about, all about fires, humidity and pongs... but play it in an Aussie pub and they all love it.

Gangajang - "Sounds of Then" [This is Australia]


Panda Power

Remember Electric Pandas? They had one fairly big hit with this song "Big Girls". Play the video, I'm sure you'll remember it.



It's pronounced Blah-monge and it's a type of cold pudding. I once made one in cookery class at high school. Cooking was one of the rare classes I did any good with, and got a B which wasn't bad.

Anyway, I made this thing, and generally wasn't impressed, it tasted like a chocolate jelly and looked fairly inedible, though the teacher was happy with my result.

Here's the Band, Blancmange, with "Living on the ceiling", They were better than the dessert.



Rockit WILL be on this Friday evening at 8:30pm AEDT or 2:30am PDT. Your friendly furball is over his flu and ready to go. Look for clues to questions on the blog here, watch the videos, remember the names, it all helps.

Take the Rockit Box Transporters at ABC Island to get to the set.


21 October, 2008

I do the Rock - Tim Curry

My word this song sounds so much like Werewolves of London, doesn't it?

This is Tim Curry, Once Sweet Transvestite of Transexual Transylvania with his hit "I do the Rock" which is linked with Shakespears' Sisters' hit "I don't care".

How so, ahhh, well it's going to come up as a question in Rockit, So I'm not telling. So cruel, aren't I?

Oh... you'll never work it out, so suffer. *evil laugh*


20 October, 2008

Werewolf - VSB

Look at those people, trying to looks scary, making out that at any minute one will transform into a savage beast and eat the rest, pfft.

That bloke with the mask, That's Mickey, He's my chauffeur... And the Muscle God, He's just a pastry Chef, and What's Charlene and Sally doing there? They're accountants.

How come I wasn't invited to this gig?


19 October, 2008

Shakespeare's Sister

One of my Late-80s favourites, Most of the fun was over by now, Musical boredom began to set in, the 90s were coming, little did we know it would just be the 70s all over again but with a better haircut, and nothing's really changed since... Anyway, this pair came along, Thanks Ladies, We needed you.

I love the evil woman in this one, "Stay".
[poor audio but entire video]

You're History

I Don't Care - Something of a personal anthem of mine. ;)

A French and Saunders Parody. [watch your ears, starts loud]


18 October, 2008

Worst Band Name Ever

I've seen a lot of band names over the years, many are very strange but in a fun sort of way, others try to be as rude as possible, as in Punk Rock, but then you don't expect a punk outfit to call themselves "The Pretty Pansies" Still... perhaps if they were after the shock factor, a bit of reverse psychology might work in their favour.

I'm not off to create bad karma or heap manure on people, but I reckon that the worst band name I've ever seen is....

"System of a Down"

I look at that name and my brain sort of freezes over for a moment, like someone shoved a dead rat down my back.

It trips the mind, as though someone put junk in front of me and turned the light off.

It rolls off the tongue like a sticky ball of pre-chewed gum, laced with honey, flour, molasses, little rabbit traps... you get the picture.

It's as though the band members were really tired one night, came to an idea, said "that will do" and turned in for the night.

"System's Down"?... "Cardiac System"?... "Down with The System"

Reminds me of people who try to use their real names online and can't get the one they'd like and settle for "J3nny485".


17 October, 2008

Colgate blue minty gel

Toothpast is a product that really annoys me and I can hear people asking "Why does toothpaste annoy you Wolfie?" Well it does because just about everytime an advert comes on for toothpaste and claims that there's a brand new flavour... I think, "Ohhhh maybe it's Pineapple, or Orange or Vegemite or something" but then they say it... It's a variety of *mint* again? Now how is that any flaming different than before? Cool Mint, Freshmint, Spearmint... it's all bloody mint, isn't it?

Colgate did this lovely parody on "Baggy Trousers" by Madness for this ad... Guess what flavour this incarnation of toothpaste is?

Pavlova? No
Gravy? No
Beer No
Celery Nooooooooo

Give up?

It's Bloody MINT!

Baggy Trousers

Our House

It must be Love

When this one went to air, there was concern by those who tend to be concerned about things that don't matter much at all, that kids might try and copy the antics in this video and try and play instruments underwater, the worry being that if you leapt into the water with an electric guitar, things could get quite nasty.



Hi Everyone.

Just a reminder that Rockit should be on at 8:30pm AEDST which is 3:30am PDT.

I've been hit pretty hard with the flu this week, yeah I know, You too right? It's going around and it's been bad, I just thought I was over it last night... Big mistake.

So, although I've been logging into SL, My logical mind which is required for tasks such as writing questions is on the blink, but I will try to do my best to launch our favourite Rockit tomorrow at it's proper earthly hour all being well.



* Update * Due to a worsening of the flu, I've since cancelled.
I'm sorry about this, but I'm not feeling very fun right now.

Woman in Chains - Tears For Fears

It was about 1am and I was having a shower before bed and singing this to myself, and I realised that I hadn't mentioned it here at all.

This is the most beautiful, wonderful, soulful song I know, and I love it dearly. I feel my skin tingle, my hair too, and I get tears...

There's Sex and there's chocolate, but somewhere high above that is this song.

It's "Woman in Chains" by Tears for Fears.

I bought this as a vinyl single in the days I was a DJ, It came with four small badges... Sun, Moon, Wind and Rain.

I wore the moon on my jacket for a few years.

Now there was an odd thing, They came along with "Mad World" which I'm sure you all know, and then just up and vanished... years later, without warning, they were back with a whole new style, and they were brilliant too.

Oh heck I'm going to have to add a few more to this posting, even though, rightly, I should be tucked up in bed dreaming about bones and things.

Woman in Chains

Sowing the Seeds of Love

Mad World

And off to bed.


16 October, 2008

Bronski Beat & Marc Almond - I feel Love

A faster beat and a more electronic sound in the late 70s caused Disco to evolve into one of it's many off-shoots, Hi-NRG as it was called, was kicked off by Donna Summer and survived into the 80s with songs by groups like the very well known Dead or Alive.

Here's Bronkski Beat and Jimmy Somerville with Hi-NRG hit, "I feel love"


Tropical Loveland - Abba

This is from the televised ABBA concert from 1978, During their Australian Tour. with Frida up front singing "Tropical Loveland".


15 October, 2008

Life at the Outpost - Skatt Bros.

They were just sending this one up on "Spicks and Specks" [A Music Quiz show on ABC] and well, Check out the Moustaches, Check out the Abs and Biceps! It's all a bit "Do I make you horny baby?"

I'll forgive you if you think it's the Village People without their gear on, But no, It's a band called The Skatt Bros, with "Life at the Outpost"


Cry for Help - Rick Astley

Yes he's part of a youtube fad these days and yes back then he was "over produced" by SAW... But when it came down to the Nitty Gritty, He could really sing... No voice tuners here.

This is Rick Astley and the stunning, "Cry for Help"

By the way, Check out the McCain Obama Rick Roll thing on my "Wolfie's World" blog.


Baby U Left Me - Marilyn

Gender Bender, That's a phrase not used too often today, but there were at least three famous ones in the 80s.

The excellent music blog Retrowonderland is featuring the awesome 12" mix this week and so I thought I'd go and look for the video, Now I remember most videos I've seen [if I liked them] but I don't recall this one.

So it was a treat to find something new.

Hey is that the Bloke from Was not Was? and is that the Woman who was also in Tears For Fears video "Woman in Chains"?


13 October, 2008

Nintendo Homebrew

Many people would be unaware that there are people making free games for your Nintendo DS. The games can be downloaded and transferred to a type of flash memory card and then used in your DS.

The games aren't bad either, Here's a "Guitar Hero" clone:



It's great to find the occasional oddity like this, Here's a weird musical instrument called the Kazookeylele, and the song, had to be an eighties classic... It's Europe's "Final Countdown".

And another strummer, with bloopers.

And one extra, rather evil, song.


12 October, 2008


You have to love a guy who can Howl well, and Sting certainly can, He's probably a wolfy like me! Anyway, this is he with "We'll be together" and saluting some of his former hits too.

He looks like he's having some probs with his alter-ego, oh dear.

It's Not the Messiah, It's Sting "Brand New Day"

This could be Secondlife in ten years time, if we're lucky.
Sting "I'm so Happy, I can't stop crying" Yep, with a title like that, It's got to be Country... and it is! alas the video was "Embedding Disabled" another clever idea by the folks who protect artists by preventing potential fans from seeing their work.

Oh well, be it on your heads: Watch it here


Howard Jones

One of My favourite 80s singers, Howard Jones, Better known for "What is Love" from 1984 had a few other songs which were "quite good" [he says with a grin], and here's two that I "quite like". ;)

You Know I Love You [Don't You].

No One Is To Blame.

And I may as well include "What is Love" the one that started it all happening.
I love that fountain in the video, I believe they've dismantled it since.


11 October, 2008

Sort of dunno nothing - Pete Denahy

Yep, we've all known people like this, very difficult to hold a conversation with them.

09 October, 2008

Smoke Rings - Laurie Anderson

I love Laurie Anderson's work, so strange and yet so wonderful.

Which is more Macho, Pineapple or Lightbulb?

Find out here:


Sitting on the dock of the Bay - Otis Redding

What a lovely, Soulful song by Otis Redding.
The perfect sound for a hot, humid summer evening. Just laying there with your dog panting next to you... You'll get no arguments from your dog, that's why they're the perfect companion.

Maybe you're on your bed, maybe you're laying at the beach and this is coming through your radio, you know how it feels.

Ahh Summer, it won't be long now... Roll on, Roll on.


And after that, try this version ;)

Pale Shelter - Tears For Fears

08 October, 2008


There are things I don't quite understand and have to think about.

Yesterday in the Doctors waiting room, the radio was playing that old song which goes "Hey Mr. Tambourine Man play a song for me".

Now my mind began thinking about this in ernest, which is never a good thing when you're listening to music.

But imagine there's an actual tambourine man, with said tamborine, and you're feeling a bit low, You're not sleepy and there is no place You're going to.

So you say to this fella "Hey Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me".

And he says "OK Mate, hows this then?"

And he get's his tambourine and goes *ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching....*

And you go "Great... Smoke on the Water... I love that song"

Then afterwards he plays "Tainted Love", "Dancing Queen" and shows off a bit with "Flight of the bumblebee", Then just to look hot, he does "Sexual healing".

*ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching ratttttttllleeeee*



06 October, 2008


Hi Everyone.

My mind is on other things lately and I haven't been coming into SL as often.

For quite a while now I've needed to have an operation which is basically a repair which needed doing ages ago, but I have let it go for a lot longer than I should have.

In truth I'm scared of having an operation, and as this didn't bother me too much, I let it go and went on with life... but it's getting to me, and I have decided that it's time to get it done.

So things may be slower than usual, I may not be doing many new shows for a while as I try to fit in doctors appointments and so on.

The surgery will require tests to see if I'm completely fine physically before they even go near me with a knife.

But I'm hoping I can get everything done and hopefully I'll be fine and bounce back as if nothing happened.

Sorry about the delay, but real life, as always, comes first.


In 3D

The Holograms, "Danger Seekers".

I just found this online and thought I'd share it, an interesting if rather cliché sort of video, but fun none the less.

I've been after a nice keytar like this in Secondlife for some time, and a good long animation to go with it. ;)


Fruit Jelly

First of all, a bedtime story, where the wolf gets it, he always does, poor bugger. and then a psychedelic tale about ducks... and things.

It's cold here, getting some hail too.


"Three Little Pigs" - Green Jelly

"Nice Weather For Ducks" - Lemon Jelly

Goin' out west - Tom Waites

Funky and a bit creepy, Tom Waites and Goin' out west.


Word Up - Cameo

All I can think about when watching this is "Red Codpiece".
Well you know, a fella needs protection during these music videos, you just never know.


And the Gorilla has a crack too, Good to see our animal friends giving it a shot.

03 October, 2008

The Horses - Daryl Braithwaite

Fellow Melbournian and ex-Sherbet singer Daryl Braithwaite and his big solo hit "The Horses".

This one's for all the very best of friends.

[For Eva, Best Wishes, *Big Hugs*]


Boy in The Moon - Margaret Urlich

An appropriate song for this blog, all things considered.
Here's Margaret Urlich with "Boy in the Moon".

Very scratchy recording, but the only one I could find.


Lisa Stansfield

"All around the World"

"So Natural"

02 October, 2008

I don't know what you want - Pet Shop Boys

An 80s band which is still going strong today, this is one of my favourites.

It reminds me of the stuff I went through in hospital and coming out the other side feeling like a different person.

I love those clothes and would love to go through the experience of being dressed like that, I think it'd be loads of fun.

Though I wouldn't swap my Katie for anything, She's my sweet Alaskan Malamute.

[She'd shed like crazy all over my... er... Turkish Kilt?]

Also, I'd like a secondlife avatar like that, well, except for the human part.

I had to add this too, "Heart", because I love a cheesy old horror film, and this is a nice play on the old Dracula theme.


Sexuality - Billy Bragg

So many funny lines in this song.

And true about the body *sigh*


01 October, 2008

Heartbeat - Sylvian and Sakamoto

Rich, Gorgeous, Beautiful.
One of my favourite songs of all time.

Listen to it's Heartbeat.


Scritti Politti

Now I must include the fabulous Scritti Politti surely?

Three songs here.... OK, Four. ;)

Firstly their big hit in Oz "Wood Beez [Pray like Aretha Franklin] which the local radio jocks were calling "Wood bee easy" for some reason while it was riding high in the charts.

The Second, the lovely "The word girl"

A superb song called "Perfect Way"

And finally a cover of a Beatles classic "She's a Woman" featuring Shabba Ranks doing a great rap... I'm not a fan of rap, it's pretty woeful copy-cat junk, but this is great and I have to say, if you must rap, rap like this.

Scritty Rocks!


"Wood Beez" (Pray like Aretha Franklin).

"The word Girl".

"Perfect Way".

"She's a Woman" with Shabba Ranks.

Magnetic Fields II

Hehe, Yeah another JM Jarre video.
I used to be really into his music and bought quite a few of his albums. My favourite is still Zoolook, but I have always liked Magnetic Fields too.