31 October, 2008

James Reyne and Australian Crawl

I turned the radio on this morning and the first thing that came on was "Reckless" so, I thought I'd begin todays post with Aussie Crawl [which some may know is also a swimming style] and James Reyne during his solo career which went very well.

Downhearted - Australian Crawl

"You've been hanging with the mockie set peep with the hamerhead, some soup just slipped by me and the hammerhead" that's how it sounds to me anyway. Backing Vocals by a very well known Aussie, Guess who.

Hammerhead - James Reyne

House of Cards

BTW: If you're reading Rockit for Overseas and you've been playing these James Reyne videos for the first time and can't understand a word he says, don't worry, None of us Aussies could understand him either... Check this out.

Five in a row - D-Generation


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