09 October, 2008

Sitting on the dock of the Bay - Otis Redding

What a lovely, Soulful song by Otis Redding.
The perfect sound for a hot, humid summer evening. Just laying there with your dog panting next to you... You'll get no arguments from your dog, that's why they're the perfect companion.

Maybe you're on your bed, maybe you're laying at the beach and this is coming through your radio, you know how it feels.

Ahh Summer, it won't be long now... Roll on, Roll on.


And after that, try this version ;)


  1. I love Otis Redding and could never stand to listen to Michael Bolton's destruction of such a classic but this one... I couldn't listen to it. Sorry Wolfie :{

  2. Well it wasn't meant to be a nice version. Skribe said that it was like after hours at the karaoke bar.

    Gave me a good chuckle though.


  3. lol Wolfie :) a good chuckle is a good thing :)


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