28 September, 2008

Music sounds better with You - Stardust

This one popped into my mind today.

Warning: turn your speakers/headset down before playing, it's a bit loud.


27 September, 2008

Gary Numan Interview

Have a look at Gary Numan now, he's still making music too!


Moonlight and Muzak - M

They did more than just "Pop Muzik" here's one of my long time favourites.
Have been looking for the original video for years, but this live one is good too.


25 September, 2008

Twilight Zone

Up for your consideration today is this hypothetical question:

Imagine your favourite record or movie from years ago, the one that's often in your mind. and that one day, somehow you meet this person... actor or singer, and you find out that they're well... not as nice as you would have hoped, or just downright nasty.

Would that change your perception of their songs or movie scenes?


23 September, 2008


I hear a lot of slinging off about eighties music, all the usual stuff, how awful it was... people who talk before they put their minds in gear and sit and remember that there was a hell of a lot of great music in the 80s.

It was a wonderful time which was very diverse and experimental, especially in the early part of the decade, which is the part I love most of all.

Some of the early videos looked pretty poor, this was before the MTV era, where videos were just called "clips" and people didn't take them seriously... a lot of bands were too poor to have them made and tried to do it themselves, but they still managed to create a fun video for their songs.

I'd like the knockers to consider this... If the eighties were so awful, why the hell do people keep sampling eighties music for their new releases? it's such hypocracy.


Rio - Duran Duran

"Hey, where's Nick Rhodes?"

"Down the back there, throwing up"

"Not again!"

* Blaarrgghhhhhhgggg *

22 September, 2008

What's Rockit?

Rockit is a live music trivia gameshow which is played in Secondlife.

It was developed for The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Island in Secondlife, but is also played at Eragon Island, and makes guest appearances in other Islands.

If you'd like to play, just get on Secondlife http://secondlife.com

To get there, just send a message to me "Wolfie Rankin" and I'll bring you to our studio and help you out with any questions that you may have about Secondlife in general.


Agadoo - Black Lace

Warning: This is one of those songs that won't leave your head.


Computer Games

Rockit has gone all electronic, not that it wasn't before, but we've now got an electronic scoreboard system, Courtesy of Captaincrunch Hax who has done a marvelous job, and is planning to create even more scripted wizardry for the show soon.

If the Show had been real world, then all the electronic upgrades could have cost a few thousand dollars, So I'm relieved that we're dealing with Secondlife here.


Digging in the dirt - Peter Gabriel

Check out the scene with the snails.

It was done in time lapse, so Peter had to lay there for about half an hour with those gooey little creatures sliming away all over his face.

That's what's known as "Suffering for your art".


21 September, 2008

Play it cool - Super Furry Animals

OK Rockit Fans, What's an "Electric Mistress" ?


20 September, 2008

Rubberband Girl - Kate Bush

The sexiest Woman ever, and if you don't agree, I'll send the boys 'round ta duff yer up.



Another famous Fairlight user was this guy, French composer Jean-Michel Jarre.
Listen carefully, Jean-Michel used human voices to create every sound in the composition.


Herbie Hancock and Quincy Delight Jones Jr. Jam with the Fairlight CMI

This is the Fairlight CMI, The World's first digital sampler, which was invented in Australia.
It was used by many of the worlds most famous artists, Like Stevie Wonder, Icehouse, Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel.

Oh Yes, Herbie Hancock also wrote a tune called "Rockit".


2001: A Space Odyssey / Jean Michel Jarre Mashup

I thought that out of curiosity, you might like to see this interesting mashup of the Kubrik film with Jean Michel Jarres music as the soundtrack.


The Rhythm Divine - Yello and Shirley Bassey

Yello were best known for the song "Oh Yeah" which was heard in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" but here's an interesting diversion from that song... "The Rhythm Divine" featuring Shirley Bassey on vocals, of course!.


Suboceania - Tom Tom Club

The Tom Tom Club are best remembered for "Genius of Love" and "Wordy Rappinghood" which were released in 1981 and 1982. But here's a later song form their "Boom boom chi boom boom"
Album from 1989... "Suboceania" which didn't do nearly as well as their former hits, but it's a lost gem, and very catchy and of course it fits in nicely with the beach theme which we'll be using for the next show at ABC Island, this thursday at the earlier time of 7:30pm AEST or 2:30am PDT.



Yes, This is the blog for My gameshow "Rockit", I'm pleased that you've dropped in.

You'll find times and dates of showtimes here, Listed in Australian Eastern Standard Time or Australian Eastern Daylightsavings Time (AEST/AEDT] and Secondlife Time.

There will be links to videos and of course there'll be clues to questions I'll ask on the show.

Feel free to write, I don't bite... Much!