15 May, 2009


I was out walking Katie tonight, walking though the dark streets, when we went past a house that has windchimes... The strange thing was that the wind just randomly played about six notes of "This guy's in love with you", which is now stuck in my head.

Here's The Reels version.

As a bonus, here's their cover of Creedences' Bad Moon Rising too.

Beat this

The Beatles Vs LCD Soundsystem Vs The Kinks, A fantastic mashup you've got to hear!

Rockit Rockit Rockit Rockit Rockit Rockit.

That werewolf song

Personally I don't go for the blood and gore aspect of werewolfery, I mean, look at me, I'm just a big cuddly teddybear at heart, not a mean bone in my body hehe!

But the song has some lovely howling in it, and I can't knock that, so here's The Eels with "Fresh Blood"

New Pet Shop Boys

14 May, 2009

Something for our Gay friends

Rockit loves diversity, Nothing else needs to be said, except as catchy as this song is, it's definately not safe for work.

Thanks to @Roseg for pointing this one out.



02 May, 2009

Sushi trains

Some fun videos which I'd like to bring your attention to, The first was filmed at a restaurant in Perth, The Second in Tokyo, and features music by Shrift.


All Aboard the Sushi Train from grum on Vimeo.

lost in a moment from dennis wheatley on Vimeo.