08 June, 2009

Howard Jones

I just discovered that Howard Jones is on twitter and he said on his page that Aswad had covered his hit song "What is love?", Here it is.

02 June, 2009

Triple J did it, so here's mine.

Triple J recently got everyone together to write up a list of their ten favourite songs, so I thought I'd do it too. However I think a list of favourite songs, in order, is absurd, since a persons favourites change from day to day and mood to mood. So lets call this a list of songs which I'd be happy to hear on the radio, in no particlar order. The numbers are there simply to count to ten, fair enough?

1. "Isn't it time" - The Babys.
2. "Down in the park" - Gary Numan.
3. "One Step" - Kissing the pink.
4. "Sledgehammer" - Peter Gabriel.
5. "Running up that hill" - Kate Bush.
6. "Reet Petite" - Jackie Wilson.
7. "Left to my own devices" - Pet Shop Boys.
8. "Werewolf" - Five man electrical band.
9. "Under the milky way" - The Church.
10. "Dancing in the moonlight" - King Harvest.