30 January, 2009

Thompson Twins

Lies Lies Lies

I love this song, I'd love to go back in time like the bloke in "Life on Mars" and see all the songs I loved, and still do, come out again. There was a 12" single in the shape of a butterfly by tears for Fears which I'd snap up pretty fast if I could.

Hold Me Now

Fun Boy Three

Youtube is great, but the voice seldom syncs up properly, and it leads Me to wonder if a few years down the track, We're going to have a lot of the next generation lipsyncing really badly to songs, a second or two behind, like some badly dubbed Japanese movie.

It Ain't What You do, It's the way that You do it.
Grammar aside, this is a great song.

The Lunatics have taken over the Asylum. [in vertical Squish-O-Vision which was a special film technique in the 80s which never took off]


The big question

Careful, not for the faint hearted, it's a bit naughty... actually it's very naughty.

You silly people, it's Arse, not Ass... An Ass is a Donkey.
"Jesus rode an Ass", saying it in the American sense makes it somewhat pornographic.

28 January, 2009

Shaw/Blades "Summer Breeze"

One of My favourite songs, covered here by Shaw/Blades.

Forgive the cameraman, tripods are the work of the devil, and no good can come of them.


26 January, 2009

Her Morning Elegance

A wonderfully inventive video I stumbled on.


New Moon on Monday

There was a New Moon today, and Yes... It is Monday.

09 January, 2009


Rockit will be back in Feb.