11 September, 2009


If ever I made a compilation of my favourite songs, this would definately be on it, The beautiful and haunting Sylvian and Sakamotos' "Heartbeat".

So Happy Together

09 September, 2009

Ancients of Mu-Mu

This is one of my most favourite videos, it's so wild, like some crazy dream and I love it to bits. It's KLF and Tammy Wynnette with "Justified and Ancient"

04 September, 2009

Auto Tune the News

Via Komuso:

Possibly the best thing I've seen on Youtube for quite some time.

26 August, 2009

What is Love? Live

RT @howardjones: Found this on youtube http://bit.ly/t5aAV (Recent video: "What is Love" Live) from the Henley show. Love to all

18 August, 2009

Science Week

It's Science week, There'll be some science related questions on Rockit this week, and some questions may be related to these songs:

17 August, 2009

I don't care.

Two shows down on ABC Island, Won't you join us for the third, this Friday?
Rockit - 8:30pm Friday evenings, Melbourne time, which is 3:30am Secondlife time.

23 July, 2009

Rockit is Returning

In about two weeks time.

17 July, 2009

Roxette re-form

It's good to see them back :)

09 July, 2009

About Rockit

Rockit is the live music quiz show on ABC Island in Secondlife. It's a bit like Spicks and Specks, a little like Rockwiz and has a splash of Sale of the Century in it. We play it on Friday nights at 8:30pm AEST (Melbourne Australia). As it's all written by me, I only do a series of five shows before I break (almost literally) sourcing unique questions each week is quite difficult, but we have loads of fun doing the show. Meet me at ABC Island in Secondlife if you'd like to know more.

If you don't know what Secondlife is, then visit the website or watch "Life On Line" at my other blog Wolfies' World, a TV program about virtual worlds and the internet culture.


04 July, 2009

Thriller a`cappella

I found this on youtube and love it, very clever.

Rest in Peace Michael.

08 June, 2009

Howard Jones

I just discovered that Howard Jones is on twitter and he said on his page that Aswad had covered his hit song "What is love?", Here it is.

02 June, 2009

Triple J did it, so here's mine.

Triple J recently got everyone together to write up a list of their ten favourite songs, so I thought I'd do it too. However I think a list of favourite songs, in order, is absurd, since a persons favourites change from day to day and mood to mood. So lets call this a list of songs which I'd be happy to hear on the radio, in no particlar order. The numbers are there simply to count to ten, fair enough?

1. "Isn't it time" - The Babys.
2. "Down in the park" - Gary Numan.
3. "One Step" - Kissing the pink.
4. "Sledgehammer" - Peter Gabriel.
5. "Running up that hill" - Kate Bush.
6. "Reet Petite" - Jackie Wilson.
7. "Left to my own devices" - Pet Shop Boys.
8. "Werewolf" - Five man electrical band.
9. "Under the milky way" - The Church.
10. "Dancing in the moonlight" - King Harvest.

15 May, 2009


I was out walking Katie tonight, walking though the dark streets, when we went past a house that has windchimes... The strange thing was that the wind just randomly played about six notes of "This guy's in love with you", which is now stuck in my head.

Here's The Reels version.

As a bonus, here's their cover of Creedences' Bad Moon Rising too.

Beat this

The Beatles Vs LCD Soundsystem Vs The Kinks, A fantastic mashup you've got to hear!

Rockit Rockit Rockit Rockit Rockit Rockit.

That werewolf song

Personally I don't go for the blood and gore aspect of werewolfery, I mean, look at me, I'm just a big cuddly teddybear at heart, not a mean bone in my body hehe!

But the song has some lovely howling in it, and I can't knock that, so here's The Eels with "Fresh Blood"

New Pet Shop Boys

14 May, 2009

Something for our Gay friends

Rockit loves diversity, Nothing else needs to be said, except as catchy as this song is, it's definately not safe for work.

Thanks to @Roseg for pointing this one out.



02 May, 2009

Sushi trains

Some fun videos which I'd like to bring your attention to, The first was filmed at a restaurant in Perth, The Second in Tokyo, and features music by Shrift.


All Aboard the Sushi Train from grum on Vimeo.

lost in a moment from dennis wheatley on Vimeo.

27 April, 2009

Mike Flowers Pops - Wonderwall

I like this version better than the original, it's so, hip man.

25 April, 2009

We are People People

I don't normally play new stuff, but then, Werewolves are awfully fond of our teeth, and this video has lots of 'em.

Here's The People People with "We are People People".

Wolfie's Theme

Jamie Saxe did a great job on the theme music used in the "Alter Ego" doco, but if there was ever a song to sum me up 100%, it has to be this one... Regurgitators' "Song formerly known as..."

20 April, 2009

Witness This

Rupert Hines' "Misplaced Love" was one of my very favourite songs years ago, and due to a discussion with a friend, Thanks Ian, I've decided to post what's been discovered on youtube.

The first isn't the proper video, just the song and images done by Banksy, the street artist... If you're a fan of his art, I know there are a few spots in Melbournes Laneways where he's put a few stencils up.

Golden age:

Misplaced Love:

18 April, 2009

I don't remember - Peter Gabriel

Just after we got our first Hi-Fi VCR, which in those days was a pretty cool thing to have, I went to the shop and bought Peter Gabriels "CV" Tape. Well the song was running through my head this morning, but I couldn't remember it's name... So I looked through the list of Peter Gabriels' songs on Wikipedia and found it, Sadly the youtube version doesn't have the quality of sound that the tape did, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

16 April, 2009

David Naughton - Makin' It

Hrmmm... Isn't that the guy from that movie, the um... you know.

I had no idea he sang, I just found out... so I sought out this oddity and have presented it to you here.

If you're wondering why there's no video, well they just didn't make videos for every song that was released back then, so, there's just a still picture.

Cheesy, but it's catchy too, I'll probably end up singing it in the shower later.. There won't be videos of that either.;)


David Naughton - Makin' it

15 April, 2009

His and Hers

Kylie Minogue in a beautiful video dedicated to the 60's Sci-Fi movie, Barbarella. This is, Put yourself in my place.

13 April, 2009

Rain Madonna

Far too dry here in Oz, or at least down south here in Melbourne.
I love this video, It's Madonna, with Rain.

Atomic Dog

George Clintons' Atomic Dog. I often wondered if the song was based on a real arcade game. But I've done a little research and couldn't find anything. Great song though :)

11 April, 2009

Minimal Montgomery

The Petshop Boys tweeted this, they apparently like it, and so do I. a mashup between one of their songs "Minimal" with a TV ad.


05 April, 2009

Skipping Girl Vinegar

Another new song, This time by Skipping Girl Vinegar, A Melbourne band who's name is based on the famous factory with the animated Skipping Girl neon sign on it's roof. You might be interested to know that the sign is being fully restored right now, and will grace Melbourne evenings in a few months time.


04 April, 2009

Love etc.

We don't normally feature new music, because, as you know, Rockit is very retro in nature. But we do keep up with bands who started in the 80s and are still going strong. Like The Petshop Boys who have a brand new album out called "Yes". And here's a song from it which is called "Love etc".

* So new, it doesn't even have a proper video yet.



25 March, 2009

Show's over

Although the show is resting right now, I'll still update this page for it's fans.
How about some Bob Geldof?

21 March, 2009

Roxette - Almost Unreal

Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle perform "Almost Unreal" The theme to the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

19 March, 2009


I'm available now on Twitter @Wolfie_Rankin, Feel free to join me there.

Dr. Hook - Baby makes her blue jeans talk.

Rockit will "air" on Sunday at 8:30 to be a part of ABC Islands' Second Birthday.

13 March, 2009


Ahhh beige, my favourite colour, so clean, so creamy, so user-friendly... but *some people* don't like it, fancy that.

11 March, 2009

Runaway - Del Shannon

Not Drowning, Waving

Here's a song from Melbourne group, Not Drowning, Waving.

Starship Edelweiss - Edelweiss

I wouldn't have known of this song, except that a friend in Germany sent me the CD Single when it was a hit over there.

The plot of the video appears to go along the lines of "I've had a great idea, let's take billions of deutschmarks work of equipment into the darkest regions of space and have a bloody good piss-up with the Klingons".

"If only I'd thought of that" thinks Kirk.

Walter Werzowa from Edelweiss wrote the famous Intel ID tune.


Wolves can Yodel too so therefore I present Melinda Schneider as Audio Murphy in 1994s "Tighten up your pants", Sorry about video quality, pixel-o-rama... oh well.

Deborah Conway - It's only the beginning

10 March, 2009


This happened over Christmas when people should be celebrating and not hurting people.

Connie Mitchell of Sneaky Sound System was hit in the face by a water bottle thrown from the audience while performing in Western Australia.

What disturbs me are that some music goers believe that the bands apparent mime act, true or not, was worse than almost taking some poor persons eye out with a bottle.

Here's a video of the horrific moment.

Tainted Love - Gloria Jones

The original "Tainted Love" from 1964 by Gloria Jones.

05 March, 2009

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

Mark Knopfler - Telegraph Road

While you see a chance

Here's Multi-Instrumentalist Steve Winwood, Former member of The Spencer Davis Group, Go, Traffic and Blind Faith, with "While you see a chance".

I can't help watching those strange blokes in black who are flashing mirrors at the camera.

04 March, 2009


The Partridge family's hit "I think I love you" was picked up, polished off and re-released by Voice of the Beehive in the early 90s, Great work ladies.


When writing Rockit, I find what really helps me is if I come up with an idea for a category. After that I can just race through the writing as the ideas for questions come easily. So if you have an idea for a round, drop me a line, it will help a lot. Thankyou!


03 March, 2009

Hole in my Shoe

Hole in My Shoe was a trippy, Hippy song by Traffic, A group composed of Dave Mason Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood and Steve Winwood. The song was originally released in 1967. In 1984 Neil Pye (Nigel Planer) of The Young Ones released this version. Strangely enough, both versions stopped short of the number one spot on the charts, making it to "two".

27 February, 2009

Tonights report

Team 2, comprised of Konrad, Alex, Nankeen and Elise won the night on 90 points while Team 1 lagged on 55, which isn't a bad score either! Team 1 tonight were Samohung, Cherrybomb, Kalliee and Volupt. And I scored 55, tying with team 1.

Sweet - Ballroom Blitz

Carol King - Hard Rock Cafe

All the fine young cannibals

Mmm... Who's that familiar high voice in the background.

Style Council - You're the best thing

Here's Paul Weller "The Modfather" and His wonderful group Style Council with "You're the best thing." There's nothing like listening to Style Council on a hot evening.

Helen Terry - Love Lies Lost

This is the beautiful and soulful Helen Terry, Who was the backing vocalist for Culture Club. She left the group at he end of an Aussie tour to pursue Her solo career. She had some great songs, but alas, they didn't get a lot of air play, and Helen faded into the distance, a real shame.

Bad Habits

Writing questions late at night
The ideas they emerge from distant memories
Like Billy Fields, Bad Habits.

26 February, 2009

Wolfie Trivia

I've told this odd story to friends before, but incase you don't know... I'm linked to Dave O'Neil, of Spicks and Specks, via... My Cat.

About 2004 I walked into our local vets to buy some flea stuff for my dog, no, not for me, for My dog, Benny... honest!

And saw a box of cute little kitties who'd been dumped and needed a home.

It was Dave O'Neil who had found them and bought them into the vets. Well, We'd recently lost a cat, so I thought I'd take one home.

We named Her Vicky.

There's a photo behind the bar at My pub in Eragon, of Mum holding Vicky.

A local paper printed a story on Dave and had a photo of Him in His Garden holding His cat... and His looks a lot like mine, so I gather He kept one too.

Dave lives very close to where I do, I often see him shopping on a Saturday.

A side note to this is that Vicky bites, in fact She leaps out and grabs My ankle and sinks the claws and fangs in, She'd do it to Mum too.

We'd be watching S&S and Mum would say "Is that, that bloody Dave O'Neil who found Vicky?" in a tone not too far removed from Aunty Jack, and I'd say "Yes Mum, That's Him" and She'd reply "Well when I see him, I'll kick his bum".

Of course we'd be joking together like this a fair bit.

One day while we were shopping, We crossed the street, and crossing from the other side was poor old Dave, and I whispered to Mum "That's Him Mum, go on, give him a good hard kick up the arse, you said you would, go on". She was visibly embarrassed and I think Dave heard us whispering and so he may have wondered what was up.

And yes, I still have Vicky, and the scars to prove it.


25 February, 2009

Pet Shop Boys

Can You Forgive Her


Left To My Own Devices from the DVD "Somewhere" Live at the Savoy.

24 February, 2009


Flowers, who later became Icehouse, We can get together.

Great Southern Land

Love in Motion with Chrissy Amphlette


I think I've said this before... I posted this to the "Living in a Box" forum I'm on, I'll add a youtube video below.

t's funny how we don't enjoy what we've got when we've got it, then wish we had it once it's gone. I loved the 80s and I loved my 12" singles. Then when CDs were launched, I had to get a player. But I never really loved my CDs as much as my vinyl. The large colourful album covers, the lyrics, maybe something to read about the band. sometimes the vinyl was coloured... and this is some of my collection: http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=o...re=channel_page Yes I'd dread dropping or scratching my vinyl and fear younger members of the family getting to it when I was away and doing terrible things to it. CDs on the other hand began to feel common, they'd come stuck to magazines with AOL rubbish on them and when CD-R came along, they seemed to be in anonymous piles in my room. What will kids do now... "Come over to my place and see the CD of all the mp3s I have" bit of a yawn compared to "Come and see my the stones album I found, it's got a real zipper on the front".
Don't get me wrong, I use mp3s too now, they've allowed me to hear music which I haven't heard in years, even some rare re-mixed tracks and the occasional clever mashup. But I do miss the 80s and would like to do it all over again. [In the body I had back then too].


23 February, 2009

The Colour Machine called Seven

This takes me back and I'm sure some of you remember it too, but why am I putting it up on the Rockit blog? Hrmmmmm...

21 February, 2009


I don't watch Rockwiz much, in fact I could count on one hand the times I've watched it. but saw it last week and thought I'd watch it again this week... it's a good show.

So the first round is announced "Local and/or General" it was called.


That's what I call the first and last rounds in Rockit, has Rockwiz always used that title for their first round?

Local and/or General is a song by Models, if you go back through the archives, you'll probably find the video.


What's Rockit?

Rockit is a Live, Music Quiz Show played in the virtual world, Secondlife. Often on a Friday night at 8:30pm AEST or ADST [Melbourne time].

It was originally modelled on television gameshows like "Spicks and Specks", "Rockwiz" and "Temptation" (Sale of the Century), but has been shaken, stirred, alowed to sit and brew and has now developed it's own distinct flavour, some would say it smells like wet dog with sugar, and has a rich earthy taste.

Each mini-season consists of just five shows, and this is because it's a one-man-band sort of show, where I write the questions, maintain the set and host the show. After five weeks of writing music specific questions, My mind tends to turn to mush and I need a break. During this time, My house gets cleaner and Katie gets more walks.

It's not all my doing though, I have people chipping in extras like my great new scoreboard which CaptainCrunch Hax made for me and the chairs which Evangeline Wind made for the audience to sit on.

It usually takes about three days to write questions for the show, sure, I can come up with a lot of questions pretty fast, but I think people want ones that are interesting or funny. I find myself trolling through Wikipedia, Youtube and some of the music blogs you'll find listed on the right there. It takes up a considerable amount of time.

It's tricky to come up with questions about bands who I haven't already covered. Regulars know that David Bowie seems to come up way too much.

The Show has a mobile set, and is easy to move to other Islands, However I prefer to be based on ABC Island (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) and Eragon. I consider both Islands to be my home although my pub is on Eragon.

To join us, You need broadband (at least 512k), a reasonably new computer (no older than three years) with a good quality videocard, and an Avatar on Secondlife, The software is completely free of charge.

Then it's just a matter of joining the Rockit group or contacting me directly, Just search for Wolfie Rankin.

You'd be very welcome to come.

If you have any questions, just drop me a line via the comments below.


Time Bandits - Listen to the man with the golden voice

Yeah I know, there's little data here right now, But I'll come back later and give you some backgound on these videos. And a big thankyou to those of you who came to Rockit last night, I really appreciated it.

This is one of my favourite songs, from the Time Bandits [no video]

Dear Enemy - Computer One

Human League - Mirror Man

Vitabeats - Boom Box

20 February, 2009

The Tourists

Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart perform Dusty Springfield's hit "I only wanna be with You". Soon after they left "The Tourists" and became the "Eurythmics", who we know and love.

Power Station

Mix in Robert Taylor, Andy and John Taylor of Duran Duran, Chic Drummer Tony Thompson and Bernard Edwards and you have, Power Station.

Here's "Get it on (Bang a Gong)" Which you may know was a T-Rex hit years earlier.

19 February, 2009


Do-Re-Mi were a Sydney band headed by Deborah Conway, Their songs have the oddest items in them, Blue Tak in this one and Pubic Hair in 1985s "Man Overboard". "Man Overboard" was one of the strangest of pop music hits, having no chorus at all.

Here's Do-Re-Mi with their brilliant anthem for eternal youth.


The international motel fantasy

I'm gearing up for Rockit tomorrow at 8:30pm Melbourne/Sydney time AEDT at ABC Island, Be there in time for blast off and be one of our crew members. OK that's kind of cheesy isn't it? I'll see you then.

That's Me - Abba

16 February, 2009

Human League - Don't you want me?

To quote the Eurythmics, Who's that girl?

Nik Kershaw

Check out the outfit.

I've had dreams as confusing as this too.

Dancing Girls.

Dire Straits - Twisting by the pool

15 February, 2009

Living in a box

As You know, I love 80s music, but often I wonder what the artists are doing now, I think there's a tendency to assume old singers just dry up and fade away or at worst, die of a drug overdose. but according to Living in a Box's Website: "Richard Darbyshire continues to work in the music industry as producer/songwriter extraordinaire to up and coming new talent. Marcus Vere (keyboards) runs an innovative t.v. production company making programmes for young children and Tich Critchlow (drums) has returned to what he was doing pre the ‘Box’ making beautiful, illuminating sculptures, chandeliers and furniture in metal and glass."

See, they're fine, there is life after stardom afterall!


14 February, 2009

Beloved - Wendy Matthews

Imagine what it's like to be a ghost, it's you, just the same as always, but cut off from everyone you loved and with a cruel twist.

You can see your loved ones, grieving for you.

You want to tell them you're fine and you're right there, and most of all, you want to comfort them, but you can't.

They can't see or hear you, though you wish they could.

Wendy Matthews sang a song about this called "Beloved".

I heard it today while I was in the supermarket, it always makes me think of someone I lost who was special in some way... and this time my thoughts went to others.

Click on the play button on the right, to hear it.


Smokey Robinson Vs Pet Shop Boys

The Tracks of My Tears mixed with the PSB Version of Elvis's "Always on My Mind".

13 February, 2009

Thomas Dolby - Sole Inhabitant Podcast - One

So taken with the earlier podcast I posted, that I've decided to post the rest since they're all great and besides, I'm in a real Thomas Dolby mood right now.

Here's Thomas Dolby and "Leipzig"

* Podcast Two has already been posted, Scroll down.


Observe the Silent Air Waves in your Submarine


One of Our Submarines is Missing: Podcast

I really loved this podcast, it gave an insight into how Thomas thinks.
I'll find the other podcasts in the series and add them later on.

Radio Silence

My name is Cuban Pete

Rockit will definately, I hope, start on the Friday, The 20th of February at 8:30pm, ABC Island.

"Rockit - The logo is only phallic if you've got a dirty mind"

* Time is for Melbourne Australia, See the RSS Board on ABC Island for current time.


09 February, 2009

Rockit Theme [Wolfie's Theme]

Created by Jamie Saxe for Alter Ego, our Documentary.

Download it here

It sounds a bit like a particular American comedy TV series to Me, What do You think?

I'm hearing a bit of The Munsters, Third Rock from the Sun, Possibly Rawhide and even Skippy.


07 February, 2009

Hymns for Athiesm

Creation Science 101 - Roy Zimmerman

What if the Beatles were Irish?

It's the Wolf, Daddy-O,

A little something for all you hep cats.


03 February, 2009

Danger! Danger! High Voltage - Electric Six

I love the moose, although He doesn't look like He's up to it these days.

30 January, 2009

Thompson Twins

Lies Lies Lies

I love this song, I'd love to go back in time like the bloke in "Life on Mars" and see all the songs I loved, and still do, come out again. There was a 12" single in the shape of a butterfly by tears for Fears which I'd snap up pretty fast if I could.

Hold Me Now

Fun Boy Three

Youtube is great, but the voice seldom syncs up properly, and it leads Me to wonder if a few years down the track, We're going to have a lot of the next generation lipsyncing really badly to songs, a second or two behind, like some badly dubbed Japanese movie.

It Ain't What You do, It's the way that You do it.
Grammar aside, this is a great song.

The Lunatics have taken over the Asylum. [in vertical Squish-O-Vision which was a special film technique in the 80s which never took off]


The big question

Careful, not for the faint hearted, it's a bit naughty... actually it's very naughty.

You silly people, it's Arse, not Ass... An Ass is a Donkey.
"Jesus rode an Ass", saying it in the American sense makes it somewhat pornographic.

28 January, 2009

Shaw/Blades "Summer Breeze"

One of My favourite songs, covered here by Shaw/Blades.

Forgive the cameraman, tripods are the work of the devil, and no good can come of them.


26 January, 2009

Her Morning Elegance

A wonderfully inventive video I stumbled on.


New Moon on Monday

There was a New Moon today, and Yes... It is Monday.

09 January, 2009


Rockit will be back in Feb.