21 February, 2009

What's Rockit?

Rockit is a Live, Music Quiz Show played in the virtual world, Secondlife. Often on a Friday night at 8:30pm AEST or ADST [Melbourne time].

It was originally modelled on television gameshows like "Spicks and Specks", "Rockwiz" and "Temptation" (Sale of the Century), but has been shaken, stirred, alowed to sit and brew and has now developed it's own distinct flavour, some would say it smells like wet dog with sugar, and has a rich earthy taste.

Each mini-season consists of just five shows, and this is because it's a one-man-band sort of show, where I write the questions, maintain the set and host the show. After five weeks of writing music specific questions, My mind tends to turn to mush and I need a break. During this time, My house gets cleaner and Katie gets more walks.

It's not all my doing though, I have people chipping in extras like my great new scoreboard which CaptainCrunch Hax made for me and the chairs which Evangeline Wind made for the audience to sit on.

It usually takes about three days to write questions for the show, sure, I can come up with a lot of questions pretty fast, but I think people want ones that are interesting or funny. I find myself trolling through Wikipedia, Youtube and some of the music blogs you'll find listed on the right there. It takes up a considerable amount of time.

It's tricky to come up with questions about bands who I haven't already covered. Regulars know that David Bowie seems to come up way too much.

The Show has a mobile set, and is easy to move to other Islands, However I prefer to be based on ABC Island (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) and Eragon. I consider both Islands to be my home although my pub is on Eragon.

To join us, You need broadband (at least 512k), a reasonably new computer (no older than three years) with a good quality videocard, and an Avatar on Secondlife, The software is completely free of charge.

Then it's just a matter of joining the Rockit group or contacting me directly, Just search for Wolfie Rankin.

You'd be very welcome to come.

If you have any questions, just drop me a line via the comments below.


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