24 February, 2009


I think I've said this before... I posted this to the "Living in a Box" forum I'm on, I'll add a youtube video below.

t's funny how we don't enjoy what we've got when we've got it, then wish we had it once it's gone. I loved the 80s and I loved my 12" singles. Then when CDs were launched, I had to get a player. But I never really loved my CDs as much as my vinyl. The large colourful album covers, the lyrics, maybe something to read about the band. sometimes the vinyl was coloured... and this is some of my collection: http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=o...re=channel_page Yes I'd dread dropping or scratching my vinyl and fear younger members of the family getting to it when I was away and doing terrible things to it. CDs on the other hand began to feel common, they'd come stuck to magazines with AOL rubbish on them and when CD-R came along, they seemed to be in anonymous piles in my room. What will kids do now... "Come over to my place and see the CD of all the mp3s I have" bit of a yawn compared to "Come and see my the stones album I found, it's got a real zipper on the front".
Don't get me wrong, I use mp3s too now, they've allowed me to hear music which I haven't heard in years, even some rare re-mixed tracks and the occasional clever mashup. But I do miss the 80s and would like to do it all over again. [In the body I had back then too].


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