26 February, 2009

Wolfie Trivia

I've told this odd story to friends before, but incase you don't know... I'm linked to Dave O'Neil, of Spicks and Specks, via... My Cat.

About 2004 I walked into our local vets to buy some flea stuff for my dog, no, not for me, for My dog, Benny... honest!

And saw a box of cute little kitties who'd been dumped and needed a home.

It was Dave O'Neil who had found them and bought them into the vets. Well, We'd recently lost a cat, so I thought I'd take one home.

We named Her Vicky.

There's a photo behind the bar at My pub in Eragon, of Mum holding Vicky.

A local paper printed a story on Dave and had a photo of Him in His Garden holding His cat... and His looks a lot like mine, so I gather He kept one too.

Dave lives very close to where I do, I often see him shopping on a Saturday.

A side note to this is that Vicky bites, in fact She leaps out and grabs My ankle and sinks the claws and fangs in, She'd do it to Mum too.

We'd be watching S&S and Mum would say "Is that, that bloody Dave O'Neil who found Vicky?" in a tone not too far removed from Aunty Jack, and I'd say "Yes Mum, That's Him" and She'd reply "Well when I see him, I'll kick his bum".

Of course we'd be joking together like this a fair bit.

One day while we were shopping, We crossed the street, and crossing from the other side was poor old Dave, and I whispered to Mum "That's Him Mum, go on, give him a good hard kick up the arse, you said you would, go on". She was visibly embarrassed and I think Dave heard us whispering and so he may have wondered what was up.

And yes, I still have Vicky, and the scars to prove it.


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