23 September, 2008


I hear a lot of slinging off about eighties music, all the usual stuff, how awful it was... people who talk before they put their minds in gear and sit and remember that there was a hell of a lot of great music in the 80s.

It was a wonderful time which was very diverse and experimental, especially in the early part of the decade, which is the part I love most of all.

Some of the early videos looked pretty poor, this was before the MTV era, where videos were just called "clips" and people didn't take them seriously... a lot of bands were too poor to have them made and tried to do it themselves, but they still managed to create a fun video for their songs.

I'd like the knockers to consider this... If the eighties were so awful, why the hell do people keep sampling eighties music for their new releases? it's such hypocracy.


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