25 September, 2008

Twilight Zone

Up for your consideration today is this hypothetical question:

Imagine your favourite record or movie from years ago, the one that's often in your mind. and that one day, somehow you meet this person... actor or singer, and you find out that they're well... not as nice as you would have hoped, or just downright nasty.

Would that change your perception of their songs or movie scenes?



  1. I think it would change your perception of their music; whether that's significant depends on how much you liked them purely for their musical ability and how much for their image etc.

    I'm not sure it works the other way, though - if a death metal singer turns out to be a nice guy that doesn't bite the 'eads off whippets, would you think less of his music? (Assuming you're into that sort of thing of course.)

  2. Yeah I thought of that Nan, it wouldn't be "wrok and wroll" enough if a heavy metal type turned out to be really nice.

    Though it's often said that Alice Cooper is a very nice fellow.

    People do ask the likes of Billy Connolly and Gordon Ramsey to tell them to F*ck off though.

    Perhaps if people come across as raging fanboys when they meet someone well known, they might deserve it... nobody wants to be hit with "OHMYGOD I Love YOU, I have ALL your records, even that really rare 10" Vinyl you did in 1982" No, that's awful.

    People don't want to be met by tossers when they've come off a jet and are completely knackered either.

    I think I'd remember the encounter though, even if it was just at one of those rare bad times that people have... We're all human.




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