23 October, 2008

Pressure Sway - Machinations

Some more Aussieness here.

I often wondered about the words "pressure sway" I think it's derived from "precious way". but I think another band around the same time used the phrase in their song too.

Years after machinations were gone, Mum and I were in Forges and she picked up a cheap sweatshirt/windcheater which was a Machinations tour one, and I was annoyed because the band were history and strewth, Mum... oh geeze and all that.

Anyway I shoved it away in my wardrobe, but later started to wear it, mostly because it was untouched and still nice and fluffy... sorta like me... anyway, don't tell anyone but I sometimes wear it to bed for jammies.

"Pressure Sway" - Machinations.

This was already quite an old song, then suddenly it was slapped on the "Young Einstein" Soundtrack. There's a lot of very good Aussie tracks on that Album too.

Models - "I hear Motion"

Finally Gangajang "Sounds of then" [This is Australia]

I have no idea what this song is about, all about fires, humidity and pongs... but play it in an Aussie pub and they all love it.

Gangajang - "Sounds of Then" [This is Australia]


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