18 October, 2008

Worst Band Name Ever

I've seen a lot of band names over the years, many are very strange but in a fun sort of way, others try to be as rude as possible, as in Punk Rock, but then you don't expect a punk outfit to call themselves "The Pretty Pansies" Still... perhaps if they were after the shock factor, a bit of reverse psychology might work in their favour.

I'm not off to create bad karma or heap manure on people, but I reckon that the worst band name I've ever seen is....

"System of a Down"

I look at that name and my brain sort of freezes over for a moment, like someone shoved a dead rat down my back.

It trips the mind, as though someone put junk in front of me and turned the light off.

It rolls off the tongue like a sticky ball of pre-chewed gum, laced with honey, flour, molasses, little rabbit traps... you get the picture.

It's as though the band members were really tired one night, came to an idea, said "that will do" and turned in for the night.

"System's Down"?... "Cardiac System"?... "Down with The System"

Reminds me of people who try to use their real names online and can't get the one they'd like and settle for "J3nny485".


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