01 October, 2008

Magnetic Fields II

Hehe, Yeah another JM Jarre video.
I used to be really into his music and bought quite a few of his albums. My favourite is still Zoolook, but I have always liked Magnetic Fields too.


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  1. JMJ's albums (on vinyl) were a favourite for Orval and me in our teenage years. I have Zoolook and The Concerts In China on CD, but not the others - limited budget, I think.

    TCIC is almost a "Best Of" album, with most of Equinoxe and Magnetic Fields on it. I much prefer its version of "The Last Rumba" (the original was pretty pedestrian), and it runs nicely into a "doof doof" version of "Magnetic Fields II".

    A great excuse to dust off the CD. :D


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