01 October, 2008

Scritti Politti

Now I must include the fabulous Scritti Politti surely?

Three songs here.... OK, Four. ;)

Firstly their big hit in Oz "Wood Beez [Pray like Aretha Franklin] which the local radio jocks were calling "Wood bee easy" for some reason while it was riding high in the charts.

The Second, the lovely "The word girl"

A superb song called "Perfect Way"

And finally a cover of a Beatles classic "She's a Woman" featuring Shabba Ranks doing a great rap... I'm not a fan of rap, it's pretty woeful copy-cat junk, but this is great and I have to say, if you must rap, rap like this.

Scritty Rocks!


"Wood Beez" (Pray like Aretha Franklin).

"The word Girl".

"Perfect Way".

"She's a Woman" with Shabba Ranks.

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