29 October, 2008


I dislike Halloween, while fine in the US and other Northern Hemisphere countries, it's not fine for Australia. Halloween is a seasonal thing, an end to the warm season and the beginning of the cold... But here it's exactly the reverse, We're just growing our pumpkins, not harvesting.

I see any promotion of Halloween here as little more than a sneaky way for chocolate companies to flog more chocolates and lollies, and keep the dentists happy too.

And it mocks my kind, all those ugly werewolves getting around when everyone knows what total hunks we are, it's not fair, in Pauline Hanson's words, "I don't like it, I don't like it at all".

Anyway, Here's a great little song about a werewolf, one of the nasty Halloween types, nobody writes songs about big cuddly werewolves like myself, no, always the nasty kind who end up being shot at. *sigh*

I'd love to make a video of this, I reckon I'd dress up as the Mother and do all the finger waving and furrowing of brow.

There's something about wolves dressing up as women, and sheep on occasion... hrmmm.

It's The Five Man Electrical Band, and "Werewolf".


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