17 November, 2008

Swedish Dancebands of the 70s

These are awful, really awful.

The poor bugger from the Teddyboys on the far right, clearly doesn't want to be there and I can't say I blame him.

Most of them look like they got their shirts at a football shop, looking at the design of them.

Or perhaps they made theit clothes themselves, like the blue outfits worn by the "ake lindh's".

The Mills remind me of Skyhooks, except their shirts somehow remind me of lost in space.


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  1. Hi Wolfie!

    A former colleague of mine made the following observation:

    "Dorky looking bespectacled green floral-shirt dude" from "Hick" bears and uncanny resemblance to Geddy Lee, bassist from Canadian band "Rush"!

    I not sure which is scarier - the 70s Swedish Dancebands, or recognising similarities to them. ;)


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